Adult Education Association, Latsia, Cyprus

Adult Education Association is a non-governmental organization which promotes adult education and international cooperation. As a national umbrella organisation, it also acts as a consultant for other adult education institutions throughout Cyprus.
CAEA has participated in many EU projects and is experienced in organising and running Grundtvig programmes (in the last five years it was involved in four Grundtvig projects). CAEA is a member of the International Council for Adult Education and of the European Association for Adult Education. CAEA organised two General Assemblies of the EAEA. Main interests of CAEA are: cultural development, flexible learning, intercultural cooperation as well as basic education, parents education, consumers education and workers education.
CAEA cooperates with different Ministries, trade Unions, local authorities and human Resource development authorities. For the last 3 years CAEA has been participating in NILE project for Intercultural Learning. It is also a partner in "Parenting in a multicultural society" project, (with 10 other partners), which supports socially vulnerable groups.


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