Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovašao, Porto, Portugal

SPI is a multi-disciplinary international firm founded in 1997 and dedicated to offering its clients the most effective consulting through a variety of services that assist clients in promoting innovative thinking and international opportunities. The services provided by SPI are best described in 3 areas: Training, Consulting and R& D. Regarding the training area, SPI is accredited by the Institute for Quality in Training with recognized capacity to conduct a range of training activities. SPI has an excellent track-record of participation in EU projects (32 in the last five years), with recognized quality of tasks performed. SPI has experience in using different training methodologies for various target groups and applies innovative pedagogical approaches, including e-Learning. The experience of its staff in the education and training sector allows SPI to offer effective services in the management of various training programmes and to conduct training courses with innovative methodologies. SPI has experience in developing training plans, identifying/selecting training resources, developing didactic materials, supervising and evaluating training courses and assessing the impact of training programs.


The Bielskie Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre
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