Psychodrama Society "J.L. Moreno", Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Psychodrama Society "J.L. Moreno" is a national, professional association with 231 members. The association received the accreditation for providing continuous education from the College of Psychologists and the Medical College. The procedure for applying and registering requests for ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapist) is in progress. It has run 31 training groups and trained more than 300 students. It holds groups in Romanian and Hungarian language in different towns and organises seminaries for all levels, including supervision seminars (last year 25 theoretical seminars and 11 special seminars were organized). It has organised four international conferences, including post-conference meetings for the students of the different psychodrama institutes in Europe, aiming to look into various psychodrama theoretical approaches. The association is currently preparing for publishing a common psychodrama journal. It cooperates with different European associations, including the Hungarian Association of Psychodrama, the German Association for Group Psychotherapy and Romanian Association of Classical Psychodrama.


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