Psychodrama is a group work method developed by Jacob L. Moreno, aiming at the exploration of people's problems, issues, concerns, dreams and aspirations. Psychodramatic action techniques enable people to experience and explore past, present and future life events as well as to gain different viewpoints and a larger perspective. One can see her/himself from outside, can test new roles safely, and move towards change and personal growth. Issues or problems and their possible solutions are enacted rather than just talked about. Each person in the group can become a therapeutic/motivational agent for each other in the group.

Psychodrama's core function is the raising of spontaneity and creativity in an adequate and functional manner. It is through the raising of spontaneity that a system, whether an internal human system or an organizational system, can begin to become creative. J. L. Moreno says that spontaneity gives impulse to the person to react appropriately to new situations or to have a new reaction to old and tiresome problems and concerns.

Psychodrama's way of working uses imagination and playfulness for developing the capacity of self-reflection, encourages spontaneity and creativity in activity, promotes authentic encounters, and makes abstract situations more concrete.

Psychodrama techniques - such as role playing, role taking and reversal, distancing, mirroring, amplification, improvising, replaying, sharing and many others - enrich the education for verbal and nonverbal communication, facilitate thinking about and understanding relationships and foster a better integration of the individuals in their groups. Therefore, psychodrama can be used in personal and professional contexts - both in groups or individually. It provides a natural and integrative setting for the acquisition and practice of psycho-social skills. Its applications are beneficial for therapy, teaching and learning, for training communication and interpersonal cooperation skills, conflict resolution and team building, strategic planning and supervision.


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